Friday, July 20, 2007

Palestinian abuse of Palestinian Children

Teaching Palestinian Children Martyrdom
Here’s a little piece that should send any decent child loving human being in uproar, and bring some attention to the incomprehensible levels of Arab cultural dementia.

Under any normal circumstances such an uproar should include so-called left-liberals who make hating the Jewish State a lifestyle. But it’s self evident that we don't live in a normal world, maybe there never really was one, only the semblance of one. Be that is it may, this insane indoctrination is like some mad Kafkaesque twilight zone episode meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers--where Left ideology under the pretense of liberalism, has become a supporter of religious Fascisms, in both a latent and active manner.

These clips were taken directly from Palestinian TV. The first 2 are courtesy of PMW (Palestinian Media Watch), it’s telling tagline: A self portrait of Palestinian society

Important to also note, that the first two clips while from a few years ago, are from the so-called "moderate" PLO/Fatah TV station. The last clip discusses a recent recording from the more radical Hamas movement TV.

Hamas Mickey Mouse look-alike indoctrinates Palestinian children to hatred and terrorism

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