Sunday, July 1, 2007

Israeli Television Commercials

Pesek Zman (“Timeout”) Candy Bar: playing on ideas of creation, ceativity, and a divineness of a timeout from creation and ceativity

Actimel Probiotic Drink: “You’ve got a friend in me”: When you love someone you want to protect them

Mei Eden (Eden Water), mineral water: 70% of you body is water. What water do you fill your body with?

Orange Cell Phone Carrier: Tagline: When someone is special to you, you go to lengths to surprise them

Local Cable Provider "Hot": provides a "Hot Babe" to promote it's VOD (Video on Demand) Service, which also includes TV series. Playing on a divorce scene the Tagline is: "It's so simple to finish chapter 1 when chapter 2 is already awaiting you...

Local cellular carrier "Pelephone": Tagline: "we wanted to remind you that during Hannukah miracles do happen..." as part of the thier sales promotion for free SMS messages during the Festival of Lights :)

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