Friday, April 23, 2010

Radical Muslims Cynically and Sinisterly Abuse Democratic Tenets of Free Speech

Radical Muslims play with words and, cynically and sinisterly abuse democratic tenets of free speech in order to spread their intolerant hatred and undermine western civilization

Friday, April 9, 2010

Israel's Secret 18 Month Air Lift of Food and Medicine to Biafra 40 years ago

This past week, channel 2 news here in Israel unveiled this amazing story from 40 years ago.

While the world stood silent, 40 years ago Israeli pilots and air-crews conducted a secret air-lift of food and medicine to the besieged Biafran nation. For 18 months in face of great risk and peril of being shot down by Nigerian Migs under the cover of night they flew red-cross propeller cargo plains into Biafra to bring life saving supplies. Now 40 years later, the pilots and crew meet at a reunion to retell their story.

The full reports from local channel 2 news, in Hebrew only can be found here: