Monday, June 9, 2008

Syria's genocidal intentions

From the Washington Times

Syria, like Iran, makes no secret of its genocidal intentions toward Israel. Both actively support a number of major terrorist groups. Syria maintains especially important links to Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the PFLP-GC and Hezbollah - which is an Iranian proxy.

Syria cannot afford to detach itself from Iran because Tehran provides the minority Allawi regime with protection against the Sunni majority in Syria. Also, Syria's dominant position in Lebanon is contingent on Hezbollah.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tel Aviv Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Gay Pride Parade

Tel Aviv adorned it’s main boulevards this past week with rainbow colored flags as revelers of all persuasions streamed along the main route of the city’s 10th annual gay pride parade that converged at Gordon Beach, one of the city’s central beach fronts, for a free outdoor concert. As usual for this annual parade, gays and lesbians weren’t the only ones out celebrating. Tel Avivans of all ages and statuses were out embracing the event, the community, and the festivities. All of which made for a colorful love fest of freedom of expression in a city that enjoys celebrating its unbridled spirit, diversity and a good beach party.

It should be duly noted that in stark contrast, homosexuality is a crime under the Palestinian Authority, where Gay’s are persecuted and sent to jail. Similarly in Egypt gay men can be sentenced anywhere from 3 and up to 25 years for homosexuality. And in general, the status of gays and lesbians in the Arab and Muslim world is for the most part a dire one.

Some photos I snapped at the event:

Click on any photo for a larger view. The entire album can be viewed here

Some more photos from other people can be found on Flickr by clicking here and here -- don't miss the Israeli soldier girl with a rainbow flag in her shirt pocket

Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada hit record high in 2007

Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada hit record high in 2007, Ha'aretz, 03/06/2008
By Rhonda Spivak

WINNIPEG - Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada hit a record high in 2007, according to a recently released report by the League of Human Rights of B'nai Brith Canada.

The group recorded 1,042 anti-Semitic incidents in Canada in 2007, up 11.4% since 2006. A 59.1% increase was noted on Canadian college and university campuses.

In Montreal, anti-Semitic incidents increased 16 percent from 2006 to 2007, and regional Quebec showed a significant increase of 282 percent from the previous year.

The study also showed that over the past 10 years anti-Semitic incidents have jumped 400 percent in Canada.

Nearly 30 percent of all incidents in 2007 were attributed to internet activity. Of these, nearly one-third involved threatening or harassing communications.

Synagogues were targeted in 22 incidents, in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Richmond British Columbia, Hamilton and Barrie, Ontario. There were 28 incidents of violence in 2007, down from 30 in 2006. Incidents of harassment were up from 588 in 2006 to 699 in 2007.

"The 2007 findings indicate that anti-Semitism is not just at the fringes of Canadian society," Frank Dimant, executive vice-president of B'nai Brith Canada said in a news release. He also noted that incidents are no longer "primarily confined to urban centers."