Saturday, April 25, 2009

60 Minutes Report on Torture In Iran

While the world gathered to ostracize Israel on false and warped claims in Durban II -- here’s just one example of hundreds of millions of real cases of true evil and abhorrent human rights violations that are overlooked regularly and daily by the mainstream media
Ahmad Batebi tells CNN's Anderson Cooper, in his 1st U.S. television interview how he was tortured for 9 years in an Iranian prison and how he managed to escape.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cleric on Egyptian TV calls for Boycott of Starbucks Because Logo has Queen Esther in it

This is actually a news item that poignantly and befittingly came out around Purim time this year.

Sadly many politically correct left wing Israelis misguidingly find Purim too war mongering for their tastes -- as the Jews at the end of the biblical story actually get to defend themselves from their enemies, which they end up, killing and defeating. Regardless of the sophomoric skewing of both the story and its historical context, which is an obvious allegory to a scenario that sadly repeated itself through out Jewish history countless times from the Greeks and Romans through the Crusaders, middle-ages and up to and including modern times, where Jews did not actually have the opportunity to defend themselves -- it would serve these and other PC moonbats worldwide to catch this news worthy item about the dangerous dim-wittedness of "modern" Islamic culture in so called "moderate" countries like Egypt.

If should be duly noted that Egypt is not a free country nor free society, and as such lacks free speech -- so that if this anti-semetic mind boggling idiocy was on Egyptian TV its because it was not just allowed to be on -- but in fact had the full backing of the authorities.