Friday, March 7, 2008

Thousands of Palestinian Arabs Celebrated Jerusalem Terrorist Attack on the Rabbinical Seminary

By Noam Rotem

Thousands of Palestinian Arabs in Gaza celebrated the Jerusalem terrorist attack on the Rabbinical seminary on March 5th. AP, Reuters, AFP, Jerusalem Post, Ynet and other news organizations reported on this story--here is one sample from Ynet:

Palestinians distribute sweets in celebration of Jerusalem terror attack as Hamas promises 'this is only the beginning'. Gaza's streets filled with joyous crowds of thousands on Thursday evening following the terror attack at a Jerusalem rabbinical seminary in which eight people were killed. In mosques in Gaza City and northern Gaza, many residents went to perform the prayers of thanksgiving. Armed men fired in the air in celebration and others passed out sweets to passersby.

Missing from these descriptions are what should have been the appropriate adjectives describing the nature of this kind of behavior by the popular masses of Palestinian Arabs, i.e. qualifiers such as : abhorrent, disgusting, despicable, nauseating, obnoxious, obscene, repugnant, repulsive just to mention a few.

Of course one of the main reasons these adjectives are missing, has to do in no small part to Political Correct ideological censorship, which has infected every corner of western perception, impeding on free uncensored speech and thought. Worse yet is the fact that societies afflicted with this autoimmune disease are unaware of the censorship that is continuous, is on going, and distorts the most essential and fundamental comprehension of reality.

Furthermore this PC distortion field, distracts from an important fact of the real story is, and that is that the Palestinian population is not really an innocent by stander. They voted in terrorist and fascist organization. As already reported in the past in Tel Aviv Vistas, a Pew research report from last year found that 70% of Palestinians believe that suicide bombings against civilians can be often or sometimes justified.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Israeli Cows are Greenest in the World

Dalia Mazori of Ma’ariv reported last week (28.02.2008) that Israeli cows were awarded "The Most Environmentally Friendly Cows" at the annual conference of International Dairy Federation (IDF). Dr. Yisrael Palmenbaum explained that the methane gas emitted by cows, is caused from the fermentation of food in the cows digestive system. Israeli cows are fed a rich diet of seeds as opposed to their counterparts in New Zealand and other grazing countries, that feed on a lot of green fiber, which takes much longer to digest causing more methane gas in the process.

The Benefits of Industrialized Agriculture

Here's an interesting clear-eye article from the International Herald Tribune (having nothing to do with Israel or the mideast), showing the benefits of Industrialized Agriculture. Not to take away from the many benefits of Organic farming, this article shows why on mass the world needs industrizlied farming and the dangerous effects PC ideololgoy has on millions of Africans.

FOOD FANTASIES: Africa's organic farms

By Robert Paarlberg

...Nearly all of Africa's farms are thus de facto "organic." Poor and non-productive, but organic.

Cereal crop yields in Africa are only one-third as high as in developing Asia, and only one-tenth as high as the United States. Average income from this kind of farming amounts to only a dollar a day, which is why nearly 80 percent of all those officially classified as poor in Africa are farmers, and why one third of all farmers are chronically malnourished.

Without modern agricultural science, food production in Africa has fallen ominously behind population growth. Total agricultural production per capita today has fallen 19 percent below the level of 1970. Increasingly, Africans must depend on imported food aid...

In this fashion, and perhaps without realizing it, wealthy countries are imposing the richest of tastes on the poorest of people. The rich are, in effect, telling Africa's farmers they should just as well remain poor.

Robert Paarlberg is a professor of political science at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and the author of "Starved for Science: How Biotechnology is Being Kept Out of Africa.