Saturday, January 17, 2015

If you're on the side of democracy and freedom then you're on the side of Israel

Which side are you on? 

This video from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, does a nice job in juxtaposing the moral divide and difference between Israel and the vast majority of surrounding undemocratic, despot and oppressive regimes. Most of those, including the Palestinian Authority, are bent on undermining the Jewish state by means of delegitimizing, via rabid libels, blatant lies, falsifications of historical facts, and through indoctrination of hate.

In an age where moral equivalence between free, liberal, democratic Israel, and despot, fascist theocracies, is the daily dosage on mainstream TV, universities campuses across the west and the world, this video serves a nice, albeit small, antidote to the war of lies, disinformation,  and delegitimization, being waged on the Jewish state of Israel.

By Noam A. Rotem 

Which side are you on?
The side of open debate   -- or --   the side that represses free speech
The side which is a democracy   -- or --   the side that executes political opponents
The side that take pride in its diverse society   -- or --   the side which persecutes gays and minorities
The side that strives for gender equality   -- or --   the side which oppresses women and condones honor killings
The side that protects its young people   -- or --   the side which uses its children as human shields
The side that builds shelters for civilians   -- or --   the side which constructs bunkers for terrorists
The side that goes out of its way to harm innocent people   -- or --   the side which deliberately targets innocent civilians.
The side that invests in education   -- or --   the side that uses its money to fund terrorism
The side that sanctifies life   -- or --   the side which worships death 
I know which side I'm on, and its not the one of a repressive terrorist organization. I'm for Freedom, I'm for democracy, I'm for Israel.

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