Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: In Response to the Barbaric Terrorist Attacks in Paris this Past Week by Radical Islamists

In and interview with Megyn Kelly from Fox News, the internationally distinguished  women's rights and free speech activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali: explained that violent attacks like the one in Paris stem from a political ideology that is embedded in Islam. "All that violence you can no longer divorce from the religion of Islam," she said.

Ali told Megyn Kelly that "we are facing a war on the core values of western civilization," and that the only way to fight it is by talking about it - "the pen is far more powerful than all their guns" she said. "We are fighting an asymmetric war where we fight with military means and counter-terrorism means, but we are not fighting back with ideas”.

To hear the full interview click below:

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