Monday, January 18, 2010

Sky News Covers Israeli Rescue Team in Haiti

Story of Israeli rescue team that toils for 8 hours, cutting through metal and concrete in order to save 1 man under the rubbles, followed by the birth of 1 Haitian baby in the Israeli field-hospital. The first and only international hospital operating in Haiti during the 1st week of the international recuse efforts.


Barry Resnick said...

Unquestionably, Yisrael leads the world in humanitarian assistance and emergency rescue. The critical care skills are unmatched anywhere in the "free world." Do you remember Iran turning Yisrael away when the earthquake of Bam hit a few years back? Many more lives were lost because of Iran's hateful regime. Imagine if Israel could've sent emergency rescue in time to save those poor souls who were left to die by their "Muslim suitors."

martin said...

And yet Annie Lenox and Crew go on propagating hatred towards the Jewish State. I don't see her or any of her tribe on the ground in Haiti to help these poor people. Guess Haiti is to far away from a decent pub?