Friday, December 21, 2007

UK: Children's Sing-Along DVD Which Glorifies Suicide Bombing

London's Evening Standard online entertainment magazine reports about a shocking sing-along children's DVD which glorifies suicide bombing found on sale in one of Britain's terrorist hotbeds.

Read the full report along with accompanying photos here: British children targeted with terror sing-along DVD for would-be suicide bombers

The disc - part of an Egyptian-made series - is on sale in West Yorkshire, where three of the July 7 bombers lived, and is aimed at youngsters from the local Muslim community.

Introduced by a cute cartoon chicken, it contains three songs in Arabic which are illustrated with a video story. But any impression of its being an innocent music DVD is immediately dispelled by a song with English subtitles about two children who lose their mother when she blows herself up in a suicide bomb attack.

The song, sung as if told by the bomber's daughter, ends with the young Arabic girl vowing to follow in her mother's footsteps.


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