Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ahmadinejad's September UN Visit

By Noam Rotem
Last month I was in NY and went down with my family to attend the Jewish protest rally against Iranian president Ahmadinejad's UN visit. The bulk of the protesters were students from New York-area Jewish day schools, many of those being modern orthodox. But there were also representatives from every major Jewish organization along with Christian supporters of Israel.

Some of the most effective words spoken vis-a-vis the hypocrisy behind Holocaust denying Ahmadinejad's invitation to speak at Columbia University came from former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu on a FOX News interview where he exposed Columbia University's disingenuousness by posing a question along the following analogy:

Can anyone imagine Columbia University (or the UN for that matter) inviting and providing an open stage for some hypothetical African despot, who has a record for repeatedly denying the historical truth of the African slave trade and repeatedly threatening to wipe off the face of the earth another African nation?
The question is rendered rhetorical given Columbia University's disingenuousness--reinforced by its past record of rejecting the free speech rights of ROTC recruiters, yet not of Holocaust deniers!?

Newt Gingrich also weighed in on this matter poignantly pointing out the persecution of gays and women who are the primary targets of criminal sentencing in Iran for adultery which can end in death by hanging or by stoning!

Why are so many left liberals, silent on these basic and crucial human rights issues when it comes to Arab and Muslim dictatorships, yet Israel with by and large progressive western conduct and liberal policies toward gays and women remains the center of their relentless, biased and unfair condemnations? Tel Aviv Vistas' position on this matter is that this is the manifestation of the new anti-Semitism.

It should be noted that in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, homosexuality is punishable by death. Additionally, in Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar and Syria, homosexual acts can result in jail time...

Some Tel-Aviv Vista exclusive photos and video from the demonstration opposite the UN:

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