Sunday, August 5, 2007

Syrian Minister Compares US & Israel to a Snake

Israel Radio reported today that Syrian Information Minister Mohsen Bilal publicly attacked Israel and the United States, comparing both countries to a snake "ready to attack at any minute, even if it knows it will die." Bilal, speaking to the Persian Gulf newspaper Al-Hilaj, characterized Israel an "immoral" nation lacking in values.

Editorial Commentary
This coming from a country that wiped out the entire city of Hama (in Syria) back in 1982, killing 20,000 people as part of Hafez Assad’s systematic persecution of the Muslim Brotherhood. Occupied parts of Lebanon for close to 30 years, has been engaged in ongoing subversive activity against the Christian factions in the Lebanese government.

A country that provided safe haven to Alois Brunner, who served during World War II as the personal secretary to Adolf Eichmann, and was condemned to death in absentia by two French courts in 1954. Brunner was responsible for the deportation of French and Greek Jewry to death camps.

Finally Syria is country with a litany of blatant and systematic human right abuses as documented in this U.S. Department of State report

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