Monday, August 27, 2007

Shin Bet Warns:'Hamas in Damascus Ordered a Mega Terrorist Attack'

JTA News reports that the Hamas leadership abroad has ordered the group to carry out a major terrorist attack in Israel, the Shin Bet said. The deputy chief of Israel's domestic intelligence service told the Cabinet in a briefing Sunday that Hamas, since it seized control of the Gaza Strip in June, has smuggled in 40 tons of weaponry from nearby Egypt, a radical hike in quantities.

Editorial Commentary
Yet another news item that one is unlikely to come across on CNN. They of course would rather ignore inconvenient facts that conflict with their news narrative of Israel as the perpetrator. So facts that present Israel as a victim of relentless pursuit of indiscriminate violence by Palestinian terrorist organizations is simply censored.

Furthermore no one’s mentioning the fact that the order came out of Damascus Syria, a ruthless dictatorship harboring this internationally recognized terrorist group. For more “delightful” facts about Syria see: Syrian Minister Compares US & Israel to a Snake

All of this is yet another example of the alarming specter of the real-life grotesque rendition of 1984 that Jews and Israel find themselves confronting .

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