Monday, September 7, 2015

The Root Cause, Triggering the Wave of Refugees into Europe, is Conspicuously Missing from Mainstream Media Reports

By Noam A. Rotem

What is glaringly missing from many reports by the mainstream media on this topic, is that there is no mention, of the key root causes and culprits, triggering this historic migration. Namely, the disintegration of 20th century fabricated Arab nationalism, and the vortex of violent, anti-democratic, often barbaric and fascist, radical Islam, swirling across swaths of the middle east, and projecting far beyond -- from the far-east, through central Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Take this CBS News report for example:
The story behind the images that shocked Europe.
Screen-capture from CBS News. See article link.
From the title one would expect it to also weigh-in on the barbaric Arab Syrian regime, Islamic State, the bloody and explosive hatred between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq, fundamental Islam in Afghanistan, and lawless Arab gangs in Libya, as causes for this unprecedented migration. But no, stating the painful and naked truth of reality would just be politically incorrect.

Another thing that till now, has not gotten enough focus in western broadcast media, but is generating quite a bit of discussion on social media, is the question as to why the nearby rich Arab gulf states aren't taking in any of their brethren refugees. To be fair, this debate is being held in some online news-outlets like this article from the "Daily Beast": The Middle East Needs To Take Care Of Its Own Refugees, and has even made in into some online mainstream publications, like this article from "The Washington Post": The Arab world’s wealthiest nations are doing next to nothing for Syria’s refugees.

Having said that, neither article, weighed-in on the role that Radical Islam is playing, in creating these waves of refugees.

Mainstream media, plays a powerful role in shaping public opinion. For decades now, it has been narrating news according to a left leaning politically correct ideology. The media's focus on the tragic image of the 3 year old Syrian boy who washed ashore, is deliberate, and intended to create pressure on western European governments to open the floodgates. The media largely omitted offering any alternative destinations, like the much closer wealthy gulf states, as PC European politics has a long standing policy,  in favor of large scale immigration from the mideast and North Africa. Similarly their omission of what is causing the plight of these refugees is intentional.

For the past 4 years, children have been killed and murdered on a daily basis in Syria and Iraq, yet their photos are not regular headlines in mainstream media news, as that would undermine their political correct ideology, that desperately promotes the notion, that radical Islam, is only a fringe phenomenon.

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